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Beach and sea

The beach and the sea are absolutely the hearth of Jesolo, freeing in front of the guests their multiple suggestions according to different levels of perceptions. The very first impact is visual. The colour of the sky and the shades of the clouds get lost in the horizon, touching lightly the sea, with its green reflections. The golden beach becomes darker and darker near the waves and it’s filled of the colours of the flowers in the green islands. 

The olfactory impact is strong. The breeze has the unmistakable crispy sharp perfume of the sea, merging with the perfumed flowers and the essence of the pines in the green isles. At the same time you should listen to the rhythmic and constant sound of the waves against the shoreline, the seagulls singing and flying over the wharves and the happy shouts of the children. 

Finally you will be surprised by the unique sensation of being completely abandoned to the hot sand under your feet, near to be burnt, and to the hug of the sun on your skin, during your unforgettable holidays.
We should not forget that the cleaning and care of this wonder is entrusted to the brothers Paolo and Stefano, who supervise the beach from daylight to sunset, in order to assure tranquillity and serenity to all our guests. 

Moreover it’s important to remember that all our rooms are in front of the sea, like in a stage proposing an amazing visual journey every hour of the day and the night.

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