Our family and the entire staff of the Hotel Napoleon works hard every day to offer you a completely safe stay.
With the support of qualified staff, we drew up a protocol to guarantee you a totally safe holiday!

Inside the hotel, we will...

  • Guarantee the correct prevention behaviors to ensure compliance with hygiene and safety protocols
  • Sanitize the rooms at each departure
  • Clean and sanitize the common areas several times a day
  • Enforce the safety distance
  • Constantly sanitize those surfaces that people touch more frequently (such as the reception desk, the elevators and its buttons, the handles, the switches, the handrails, the bathrooms in the common areas, and the room keys)
  • Place sanitizing dispensers in all common areas
  • Constantly ventilate all the rooms
  • Make disposable gloves and masks available for all our guests

On the beach and in the swimming pool:

  • To allow all our guests to relax and sunbathe without a mask, we guarantee the right distance between the stations
  • We will regularly and frequently sanitize all the equipment
  • Our staff will manage the booking of the beach and pool positions directly when you arrive at the hotel
  • The beach towels will be at your disposal, as usual, and sanitized after each use
  • In addition to the usual daily check of the parameters of the pool water, we guarantee an accurate cleaning and sanitization of the common areas, the changing rooms, the showers, and toilets.

In the restaurant:

  • There will be the necessary space between tables
  • In the kitchen and during the service, all safety procedures will be respected to allow you to savor our dishes and enjoy your meals without a mask
  • The dining room staff will serve breakfasts directly at the table

The Visentin family and the staff of the Hotel Napoleon are ready to welcome you: a unique, unforgettable, and extremely safe holiday is waiting for you!