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What to eat in Jesolo: a journey through the typical dishes of the Venetian lagoon

Cucina veneta

Jesolo is one of the most famous and wonderful places in the Venetian lagoon, but it is also synonymous with good food. Today we will see what to eat in Jesolo, from the typical local dishes to those “imported” from Venetian cuisine.

What to eat in Jesolo: the typical dishes based on local fish

Tastes, flavors, typical dishes, and dinners with a sea view are an integral part of a self-respecting holiday in seaside resorts. In Jesolo, you will have a wide choice of restaurants where you can taste typical products, perhaps with the sound of the waves in the background.

But what to eat in Jesolo? Like all seaside resorts, Jesolo’s cuisine is based on fish products caught directly in the lagoon. Jesolo is full of sea bream, clams, “moeche”, and sea bass. You can taste delicious grilled fish, and we suggest you also try the typical fried fish.



If you are not that much into fried fish and looking for a light option, Jesolo is the place for you. Among its typical products, there are two kinds of fruit that you must try:
    • Venetian pears. This cultivation spread between the 20s and 30s of the twentieth century and has different types: the main ones are the “William”, the “Red William, the “Kaiser”, and the “Conference”. You recognize them for their particularly sweet flavor.
    • Venice white peach. It is a round peach with a pale color and an unmistakable scent.

Other products to try

Jesolo is also known for its sandbar honey, characterized by a sweet flavor and a balsamic aftertaste. To produce it, bees use pollen from the “Fiorella di barena”, a plant better known as Limonium; it can only be found along the sandbanks (the emerged lands) of the lagoon. The plant is increasingly rare, also due to the phenomenon of coastal erosion, but Venetian beekeepers keep obtaining highly prized honey from it.
Another product you should try is polenta made with “biancoperla” corn flour. The characteristic thing about it is that you can combine it with shellfish, shrimps, and cod.


Venetian cuisine

Fish soup: the so-called “Broèto”

Among the dishes typical of Veneto, there is the fish soup known as “Broèto”, a poor dish once used to recover fish leftovers. Today it is a typical dish, served with the polenta mentioned above.

Fried sardines: Sardines “in Saòr”

This dish combines fried sardines with sweet and sour onions. Typical of the Venetian tradition, the modern version also adds raisin and pine nuts.

Shrimps, also known as “schie”

You can try these shrimps in two different versions, boiled or fried, combined with the typical white polenta.

Razor clams, mantis shrimps, and small scallops

If you are a raw seafood appetizers lover, you must taste these shellfish. They also use them to season some first courses.

What to drink in Jesolo

Wine is a renowned product of Veneto. The Piave DOC is definitely worth tasting: both red or white, it is produced only with grapes from Veneto. In this region, they also produce Cabernet, Merlot, and Passito.
Last but not least, Veneto is the land of Prosecco, the perfect wine to make a toast!

You can learn more about the typical dishes of Jesolo and Venetian cuisine in the official guide. Here you can also find a link to discover the main restaurants in Jesolo.

vino veneto
vino veneto

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